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Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz are an American musical duo consisting of Ricardo "Richie" Ray and Roberto "Bobby" Cruz. The duo was formed in 1963 and rose to fame in the mid-1960s. They are one of the most famous interpreters of 'salsabrava' music.

The duo is well known for helping to establish the popularity of salsa music in the 1960s and 1970s. They are also notable for fusioning elements of classical music and rock with traditional Latin music. Among their biggest hits were "Richie's Jala Jala", "Agúzate", "El Sonido Bestial", and "Bomba Camará". They are also famous for their christmas songs "Seis chorreao", "Bomba en Navidad", and "Bella es la Navidad".

The duo was popular from 1965 to 1974 throughout Latin America and the United States, specially in Caribbean countries. In 1974, following a conversion toEvangelicalism and the inclusion of religious themes in the song's lyrics, the duo's popularity fell. The group continued releasing albums but broke up in the 1990s.[1]In 1999, they reunited,[1] and they have been touring and releasing new albums since then.

In November 2006, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences gave Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz a Lifetime Achievement Award

Our Festival Queen Alejandra Guzman The Honorary Guest –
To receive Atlanta's keys of the city will "take your breath away 

the moment she gets on stage .. Take a look at her bio and see why.
Alejandra Guzman Biography
Alejandra Guzmán is a musical icon in Mexico, known as "La Reina del Rock" (The Queen of Rock). Since her first album debut in 1989, she has sold over 20 million copies, releasing 17 albums, and performed over 900 concerts, giving her recognition and success for over 25 years with multiple nominations and awards including winning the coveted Latin GRAMMY Award. La Guzmán, as she's affectionately referred to by fans, is a legendary performer, beloved for her racy image, infectious dancing,and colorful outfit changes— not to mention her powerful voice.
Alejandra Guzmán is the daughter of actress Silvia Pinal and rock-n-roll legend Enrique Guzmán. Alejandra Guzmán has more than delivered on her promising pedigree, eclipsing the fame of her parents to become one of Latin music's biggest stars. After releasing several albums in the late '80s, Guzmán achieved breakthrough success with 1991's seminal “Flor de Papel,” which earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Latin Pop Album. A steady stream of successful albums would follow in the '90s and '00s, including 2001's “Soy”, which took home a Latin GRAMMY for Best Rock Solo Album.
In 2007 Guzmán was diagnosed with cancer and won the battle, which marked the beginning of a new phase, releasing "Fuerza" moving her once again in the TOP 5 of radio hits and garnering another Latin GRAMMY nomination. Two years later “Unico” was released in 2009 followed by “20 Años De Èxitos En Vivo” with Moderatto, Vico C and Jenni Rivera in 2011. In 2013, Guzmán released her fourth live album "La Guzmán En Primera Fila," which demonstrated her enduring talents as a performer. During that same year she became the a coach on hit reality television
show “La Voz Mexico.” Recently singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel invited Guzmán to participate on his album “Los Dúo” (The Duets) released in February 2015, where she interpreted the original racnchera song “Caray” with a bluesy rock edge. Alejandra Guzmán continues to thrill her loyal fan base at all of her live concert performances. She is currently in the studio recording her new album and her newest single “Entre Los Dos” is being released from her album "La Guzmán En Primera Fila.

Our Festival Kings Richie Rey and Bobby Cruz 

Will put you on your feet dancing to the best of salsa 

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